Students benefitting from gifts to Belmont

Annual Giving

We lift each other up.

That’s what makes us different.  That’s what makes us Belmont.

Each year, thousands of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends make philanthropic contributions to Belmont University.  At Belmont, we learn, we teach, we grow.  We find our passions, our faith, our lifelong friends, our soulmates ... and ourselves.  No matter how you are connected to Belmont, you are a part of this special place — a community in which we lift each other up to achieve our dreams. For the newest members of our Belmont community, current and future students, your annual gift does more than pave the way for a world-class college experience; it inspires them to achieve things never before so much as imagined.

Your annual gift makes the Belmont experience possible:

  • Nationally ranked programs
  • Faculty who are experts and leaders in their fields
  • Real industry experience and connections
  • Valuable internships and assistantships

... all in a community of faith and upholding the values of integrity, service and humility.  Even more, your gift makes all of these things possible for many talented and hardworking students who might otherwise not be able to attend.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about annual giving.


Unrestricted Giving

Unrestricted support provides a foundation for Belmont to meet the most immediate and evolving needs of our students and the University.  A gift to the Annual Fund allows for flexibility in allocating philanthropic contributions to the area of greatest need.


    Belmont Faithful logo
    Belmont Faithful

    Display your school pride! Make your gift of any size and be recognized as a member of the Belmont Faithful, our consecutive giving society celebrating Belmont's most loyal supporters 

    1890 Society logo
    1890 Society

    Members of the 1890 Society support the vision and mission of the University through their generosity at the following levels.

    • $10,000  -   Benefactor 
    • $5,000    -   Leader
    • $2,500    -   Executive
    • $1,000    -   Partner
    • $500       -   Patron
    • $250       -   Steward
    • $100       -   Member


    Students thanking donors for gifts to Belmont

    Supporting What Matters to You Most

    When we give to the areas we are most passionate about, Belmont truly becomes “our” University.  No matter how you chose to contribute, you can always direct your gift to what matters to you most!