Gift Matching

The $300 million We Believe campaign will include every dollar raised through December 31, 2020. In addition, thanks to a long history of strong financial management and diligent cost control, Belmont is now able to partner with its supporters to leverage their investments in the institution’s future. The University will match endowment contributions between $25,000 and $1.5 million ‘dollar for dollar,’ doubling the impact of each donor’s commitment.

Endowed gifts meeting the following criteria will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Belmont University:

  • Minimum commitment of $25,000 (Higher minimums apply for certain types of endowments).
  • Commitment (outright gift or signed pledge) made between June 1, 2016, and December 31, 2020.
  • Pledge payment schedule of five years or less.
  • Gift benefits endowed scholarships, chairs, professorships, or missions.
  • Belmont’s match is capped at $1,500,000 per gift commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do endowed gift funds work?

A: Endowments are permanently restricted funds. The principal amount of the gift remains intact and is invested for long-term growth; investment earnings are used for the specified purpose of the fund. Donors establish endowments to ensure that their charitable purpose is served in perpetuity.

Q: When and how are matching funds awarded?

A: Belmont University establishes a board-designated endowed fund mirroring the purpose of your gift. On a quarterly basis, the University transfers one dollar to this “mirror” account for every match-eligible dollar received during the year.

Q: What is matched – pledges or payments?

A: While your total commitment (pledge) may be used to determine match eligibility, only payments received are matched.

Q: Can my pledge payments extend beyond 12/31/20?

A: Yes. Payments against eligible pledges signed prior to 12/31/20 will be matched if received within the standard five-year payment window.

Q: What are the minimum contributions required to establish different types of endowments:

A: Endowed scholarships and mission funds require a principle balance of $25,000 or more for activation. Minimums for other endowments are as follows:

Endowed Professorship $500,000
Endowed Chair $1,500,000


Q: Are gifts to preexisting endowments eligible for We Believe matches?

A: Yes. A new endowment need not be established, as long as all other eligibility requirements are met.

Q: When do my endowment earnings begin accruing?

A: Regardless of the minimum contribution required for your preferred endowment type, investment earnings begin accruing after the principle balance (the total of your payments and We Believe matches) equals or exceeds $25,000.

Q: Is the We Believe match factored into endowment income and payout calculations?

A: Yes. Investment earnings are based on the total of your payments and We Believe matches.

Q: When does my endowment begin to pay out?

A: New endowments “pay out” in the form of scholarships, mission awards, professorships, etc. only after accrued earnings have been allocated for spending. Spending allocations are calculated based on a rolling three year average as of December 31 of each year for endowments that have met the $25,000 minimum by the previous June 30.

Q: Can the We Believe match be used to make endowment awards/payouts in advance of endowment maturity?

A: To promote endowment growth, the We Believe match is treated like permanently restricted principle and may not be repurposed for early awards or payouts.

Q: Can I split my $25,000 gift or pledge across multiple funds and still secure a We Believe match?

A: The match minimum applies to a single outright gift or pledge to a single fund.

Q: How does the We Believe match impact my standing for the purpose of donor recognition (honor rolls, recognition levels, etc.)?

A: While the We Believe match doubles the impact of your generosity, you will continue to be recognized only for your personal philanthropic contributions.