Our Timeline

5 years


Our Goal

$300 million


Our Progress

$161.4 million

BELIEVING young women deserved an academically challenging education, two female school teachers overcame tremendous obstacles to purchase property in Nashville and open Belmont College for Young Women in 1890.

BELIEVING an institution could successfully blend rigorous scholarship with committed Christian faith, countless individuals poured their time and resources into Ward-Belmont and the subsequent Belmont College.

BELIEVING that devastating fires and empty coffers should not spell disaster, the campus and Belmont friends united to do whatever it took to keep the college’s doors open in the 1970s.

BELIEVING that the Belmont community possessed the skills, passion and tenacity to tackle any challenge, the University welcomed Tennessee’s first presidential debate in 2008.

Recent years have seen dramatic expansion in enrollment and campus structures along with program additions in law, pharmacy, songwriting, social entrepreneurship, motion pictures and so much more. Throughout Belmont’s lengthy history, belief alone often served as the catalyst for achieving the unachievable, for surviving what should have been devastating, for exceeding everyone’s imagination.

Now, WE BELIEVE our future can be even better still. Won’t you join us?